Doerfer was founded in 1961 to provide assembly automation and engineering services to the agricultural and metalworking industries. It has since grown to become the leading entity providing turnkey factory automation, press technology, tooling and automated guided vehicle technologies.


These core competencies, applied to a diverse industry cross section, incorporate numerous advanced technological capabilities, including   specialized expertise in the nuclear, specialty fibers and chemical industries.


Doerfer manufactures large format hydraulic presses, ranging in size from 500 to 13,000 tons, for the aerospace, automotive, building products and transportation industries.


Operating one of the largest tool and die facilities in the Southeast United States, as well as a facility in the Midwest, Doerfer serves the forming needs of customers in the aerospace, appliance, automotive and HVAC industries.


Doerfer specializes in custom heavy capacity Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems with traditional wire or laser-guidance systems as well as inertial guidance technology.   In addition, Doerfer’s proprietary Wheelift technology offers customers individual powered and controlled wheel modules that provide flexibility not previously available in moving very large payloads.